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Newhaven Families Form was started in 2016 by The Family Inclusion Team at Sussex Community Development Association (SCDA). The team bought together families living in the area that wanted to create positive change in their community. Members voiced that families were not being consulted over the projects that local funding was being spent on. SCDA continues to support us in meeting community need.


Our aims are to:

  • Listen to Newhaven Families. We achieve this by holding community consultations, circulating surveys and being present and listening within our communities.

  • Respond to local need. We achieve this by volunteering our time raising funds to cover costs of projects and activities.

  • Share the voice of Newhaven Families. We achieve this by linking with other community groups and attending meetings or consultations in the area. We also gather data, feedback and case studies from or projects (all anonymised) and share with relevant agencies.


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